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Scat 31 Free
Take on your friends or Vera, Chuck and Dave in this challenging version of Scat 31 A classic 3 card game which is addictive, fast and fun.
Game Information:
  • Standard 52 playing card deck
  • 4 player table
  • 1-3 computer or LIVE opponents
  • Collect a suited 31 (SCAT), all opponents pay
  • Collect 21+ to "Knock", lowest hand pays
  • Listen to your iPod music while playing
  • Simple to use interface with HD graphics
  • To win collect all player's coins
  • Game Center enabled
  • Game variation settings for 3 of a Kind, Straight Flush and points required to Knock
Complete rules included with App

Square Solitaire

Square Solitaire is a fun and exciting twist to traditional solitaire games.

Square Solitaire is included in GameKeys's Hidden Gems list
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